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Kosher Pickle Factory Info

The Kosher Pickle Factory is made possible by a grant from ok kosher certification where they do kosher without compromise.

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How to get the Kosher Pickle Factory to come to your school, shul, venue or private party or home event?

Cost: $750 (Plus $3.00 per person and travel costs based on location.)

Running Time: 1 hour (the show can be shortened)

What you need to do? Nothing, just advertise it.

Do you have any PR? Yes, we have a press release for your papers, and we have a ready made postcard.

Suitable Ages: 12 and up. The program is geared for teens and adults, we do have a shorter version for younger ages)

What you should charge? We suggest charging at least $18 per person.

What people say about it? "Funny, Educational, and Tastes Great!" ...."Best Adult Education class ever!"

What will KPF bring? The Pickle Rabbi (Rabbi Mendy Margolin or Rabbi Shmuel marcus) bring jars, pickles, reading cards, the garlic, dill, spices, and the entire show with props.

What will your people leave with? 1 jar of kosher pickles valued at $6.00 and a much better understanding of Kosher and pickles, and a night to remember! 

RSVP your show today! (by making a $125 deposit at www.jewishcypress.com/donate

E-mail the Pickle Department Here!

Read More on Pickles here!

Past Shows:

Redondo Beach, CA, Pacific Palisades, CA, Florida Tour, Newport Beach, CA, Los Alamitos, CA, Cypress, CA, Mission Veijo, CA, Mill Valley, CA, University of SC, Laguna Nigel, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Founten Valley, CA, Seal Beach CA, Atlanta, GA, Coronado, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Peabody, MA, Penn State University, Tri Valley, CA


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